Monday, October 22, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

Hello all,

"Thankful Tuesday"

Our next big office event will be our second annual Thankful Tuesday, It will be held on November 13th in the Potomac office. There will be a short sales meeting from 10:45-11:30 then the party will be from 11:30 to 1:00. I will try to show off some culinary skills by preparing 4 Turkeys, 2 smoked and 2 fried. We do not need everyone to step up but we do need volunteers to bring in salads, appetizers,  side dishes, desserts... Our ever reliable Carol Newcomb will be keeping the master list of what everyone will be bringing so please email her at the address below to let her know how you can help out.

This event is intended for our agents but if there is an agent you like or did a deal with from the outside that you would like to invite for the party feel free! Please park in the garage and we will have validation stickers for everyone when they leave.
Enjoy the coffee,

Monday Morning Coffee
"How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."
~ Unattributed
With the arrival of the fall season, life’s pace picks up a bit. With the dog days of summer behind us, we look toward the seasonal shifts in business and the approaching holidays. Our “To Do” lists start to get longer, and our enthusiasm sometimes wanes.
So as the days get shorter, how do we increase our productivity? The short answer is “a little bit at a time.” Specifically, just fifteen minutes at a time, according to REALTOR Magazine “Sales Coach” John D. Mayfield.
The argument is simple: you get more done by organizing your day into small chunks of time, instead of devoting three hour blocks to a project. It’s only when we’ve fallen too far behind that we force ourselves to spend so much time and effort on an unfinished task. Then we burn out and can’t seem to get anything done at all.
Take something as routine and unexciting as catching up on phone calls or email messages. Put it off all week, and suddenly you’ve got thirty calls to return and ninety messages in your Inbox. But just fifteen minutes a day spent on each of these two tasks adds up to two and half hours of quality work during the week. Extend that concept to other things like exercise and reading, both of which improve the rest of your day and your labor.
Devoting fifteen minutes isn’t difficult, and once you’ve begun, you might find yourself working even longer. Maybe you’ll feel that the project at hand isn’t so overwhelming after all, and once it’s behind you, you’ll feel renewed enthusiasm for the next item on the “To Do” list.
Ultimately, just remember that fifteen minutes a day is better than nothing at all, and in one hour you can begin to attack up to four different responsibilities. John Mayfield reminds us of the old Chinese proverb: “A minute of time is an inch of gold.” Invest just a few minutes and discover your reward!

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