Monday, October 29, 2012


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There is never a good time for a storm like this to come in. Being it is during the last couple of days of the month makes it especially difficult in our business. We have several settlements for today and tomorrow, I hope everything goes well. However you might want to prep your buyers and sellers that logistics will be a little more difficult for the Lenders, Title Companies, Movers... Things could get delayed a bit. Also, Doty had a family emergency and will be out of the office for the next week or two, Ella and I will do the best we can while she is away. Wednesday when everything blows through do not forget to get out and check on your yard signs and especially on vacant properties.

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Monday Morning Coffee
"People fail forward to success." 
~ Mary Kay Ash 
It's been observed that although experience can be the best teacher, you get it by taking the exam before you've actually taken the course! 
Quite expectedly, many of us don't perform well initially when attempting something new. While there is such a thing as a "natural talent" in just about any field of endeavor, it's probably safe to assume that most people working (or playing) at anything, from the practice of law to the game of tennis, have a long road behind them paved with what they considered (at the time) to be failures. 
Every experience we have, however, should be a learning process. And our so-called "failures" are in fact the “experiences” from which we learn the most. Early on in life, the way we gain our sense of balance is from falling down when we first attempt to walk. Every fall, every "failure," eventually led to success. 
It's a rare individual who does well in his or her first attempt at anything. Despite Yoda's philosophy in the Star Wars saga that "there is no try; there is only do," most of us ending up "doing" after repeated attempts at "trying." Eventually, we “do” manage to succeed. 
So perhaps what Yoda was saying, after all, is that when we finally achieve our goals, it's only the end result that matters - because of everything we previously considered, failure simply becomes part of the process of success. Then we have indeed "failed forward!"

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