Monday, October 26, 2015

Best Winter

Hello All,

"Best Winter"

I consider myself a cautiously optimistic person. I believe the office is full of good hard working agents and in the long run things will always work out (optimistic). However I am always looking for bumps in the road or hurdles we need to get through to achieve success (cautious). The biggest hurdle we face every year is the winter slowdown. I usually write a piece this time of year advising everyone to store their nuts because it is slowing down and the winter months can be difficult to navigate financially. All signs in the market and in the offices suggest this winter might have a different outcome then recent winters. Inventory remains as strong as it was in the spring, activity is steady and it seems as if most everyone has business going on. No promises and knock on wood... This could be the best winter we have had in a long time. 

Enjoy the coffee,

 Monday Morning Coffee
"Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to other things, it comes softly and sits on your shoulder."
~ Anonymous
Imagine you've planned the trip of your dreams - say from North Carolina to Colorado. You've charted all the roads, have a fist full of maps just in case, and have your priorities straight in your mind. You get started on a beautiful sunny day, and begin enjoying the ride.
Late in the day, as you approach the Mississippi River, you drive straight into a bank of heavy fog. You turn on your lights, but still cannot see 10 feet ahead. Just because the highway is out of sight doesn't mean you've lost your way. Continuing on the path you've set for yourself, you soon break out into the sunshine again - still headed in the direction of your dreams.
In perspective, consider that the trip represents your life's goal - your first priority. Steering your vehicle down the highway hour by hour represents your efforts to reach your goal. The fog bank illustrates the momentary interruptions and obstacles encountered on your journey.
As day #2 begins, you find that you've come to an unexpected intersection - one that's not on your map. Confused, you pull over and examine the map closely. Stay to the right and you'll end up in Colorado. Take a left and you may arrive at an unanticipated, yet equally wonderful destination.
OK, let's cut to the chase! Sometimes your priorities change, don't they? Just as you think your goal is in sight, a new opportunity arises. Remember the saying that "life is a journey - not a destination"? What's exciting is that YOU are in control of the steering wheel, and whatever destination you choose is OK - so long as it's YOU who has made the choice.
Happy motoring!

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