Monday, April 20, 2015


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It was great to have a full house at our Listing Presentation Training last week. Hopefully everyone who attended got a little something out of it. Our business is forever changing and keeping up with the trends through training has and always will be the key to success! Tom Ferry, Brian Buffini, Mortgage Affiliates, Title Affiliates, Mark, Myself... The opportunities and options are endless in the office. In the Wednesday email they are all listed out and there is some great stuff coming up this week and in the next several months. I strongly encourage all of you take the time to read the weekly email and choose the training's that are best for you. There is usually a correlation between Agents deciding they don't need training and their businesses going backwards. Lisa and I have 5+ training trips across the country set for this year...  Learning never ends. 

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 Monday Morning Coffee

"A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds." 
~ Francis Bacon
James Bender, in his book "How to Talk Well," tells of a farmer who grew prize-winning corn. Each year he won the blue ribbon at the state fair. When asked how he did it, the farmer explained that he shared his seed corn with his neighbors.
Pollen from ripening corn is carried by the wind from field to field. If the farmer's neighbors grew inferior corn, he felt that cross-pollination would steadily degrade his own prize-winning variety. If he was to grow good corn, the farmer felt he first had to help his neighbors grow good corn.
Having a good attitude and achieving your goals works the same way. How you view the world is affected by the attitudes of others, and vice-versa. Surely you can think of a time that someone else's dark outlook on life caused you to have a bad day. Your positive, can-do attitude can be easily cross-pollinated by the negative thoughts of others.
So . . . why not share your award-winning, success-oriented approach to life with your neighbors? By simply sharing a smile and a kind word with those around you, you can improve everyone's outlook. That thought can be carried a step further, too.
Can you imagine a farmer purposely planting corn in a field adjoined by a field full of briars, thorns and thistles, owned by a farmer with no intention of improving it? While it's a noble cause to improve the lives of others by sowing good seeds all around, it is sometimes necessary to do your farming elsewhere. By spending your time with others who share your aptitude for excellence, your own personal value will increase.
When picking a field in which to grow your dreams, choose your neighbors wisely - then sow only seeds that improve everyone involved. It's your choice.

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