Monday, February 24, 2014


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True story and not the type of goal you are thinking of:

Four years ago this week my wife and I were called in for a listing appointment, a short sale in Clarksburg. The reason I can remember it was this week is because the listing appointment took place during the USA Vs. Russia hockey game in the previous olympics. I was not thrilled about going on the appointment during the game but I am a good husband and partner... Upon arriving at the house we were seated at the kitchen table. My seat had a direct view of the big screen TV where the two children were watching the game. From this point on my attention was split 50/50 between the appointment and the game. Lisa took control of the presentation while shooting me some looks after realizing I was not completely involved. I tried really hard to focus on the appointment but near the end the USA team scored and both of my arms went up in the air with an exuberant shout of "Goal". A couple of months later we learned the house was listed with another Realtor. We all make mistakes in this business so don't beat yourself up to much when you do.

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Monday Morning Coffee
"There is only one thing people like that is good for them; a good night's sleep." 
~ Edgar Watson Howe 
How did you sleep last night? Hopefully, you didn't toss and turn worrying about the start of another workweek. A lot of us have trouble these days getting what our minds and bodies need most - rest. We rush around all day, do chores into the evening, don't eat as well as we should, and go to bed later than we ought to. Then we lie awake thinking about everything we did today, and everything we have to do tomorrow. We're so darned tired when we go to bed that we we can't actually sleep! 
It's a modern day dilemma of our fast-paced, do-more-in-less-time culture. The irony, however, is that our periods of rest and relaxation are vitally important to our success. When we sleep, we heal - and we dream. Bedtime is the time to put aside worries of today and plans of tomorrow - to take a reckoning of the day and be satisfied that you made it through. 
Try to squeeze in some "downtime" before turning out the lights - some light reading or a little quiet time on the porch or patio. Anything you do to put the day's cares out of your mind will help you sleep when you finally close your eyes. 
A big factor in clearing your mind? Forgiveness. It has been said that "one of the secrets of a long and fruitful life is to forgive everybody everything every night before you go to bed." Whether for ourselves or others, forgiving what's happened today will greatly improve your outlook for tomorrow. 
Imagine the beauty of going to bed with no anger or regret in your heart. Imagine waking up in that same state. Forgive our hectic world, forgive yourself for trying to do too much. Tonight, relax and let yourself dream. 

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