Monday, June 2, 2014

Contact Sport

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"Contact Sport"

For the last couple of weeks when I have been asked about the 2014 Real Estate Market my answer has been "I am not scared but I am disappointed". We have enough business going on in the offices that we are putting some money in the bank but we thought it would be much better. When I look at some of the individual numbers in the office I imagine some of you are both disappointed and scared. Love me or hate me I need to be the one to tell you it is not the time to be sitting on your ass feeling sorry for yourself. Numbers are down in our competitors offices as well but there is business out there and if it is not coming your way you need to go get it , the year is almost half over. Floor Duty has been very active in Germantown and Aspen Hill yet the floor sheets are only 30%-40% full. I sat on an open house yesterday (because we could not get anyone in the offices to do it) that 12 groups came through, got a great listing lead. To dumb this business down to it's simplest form, it is a "Contact Sport" and we need to be the aggressor. This would be a great time to review your business plan to make sure it matches your income expectations.

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Monday Morning Coffee
INSPIRATION FOR TODAY: "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust   DON'T FORGET TO PACK YOUR INSIGHT! How wonderful it is to learn new things and see new places! How would we ever grow as individuals if we never experienced anything different from that which we see and do in our daily lives? Two different voyages come to mind, however, when considering the discovery of that which is "new" - an outward journey, and one which turns inward. Your outward "voyage of discovery" takes you to different places and new people. You begin to understand other things outside yourself. This can be as simple as discovering new-found beauty on a wilderness "adventure," or having an engaging conversation or correspondence with someone from a completely different part of the country or the world. The ultimate goal here is not just looking at new things, but looking at things in a new way! A change of scenery can effect a change of mind.But you can still experience a voyage of discovery even if you don't travel anywhere, even if you don't meet anyone new. You don't have to change your surroundings, just the way you look at them - with "new eyes!" Sometimes stepping back and looking again at the Big Picture can reveal things that you never saw before. The solution to an ongoing problem can suddenly manifest itself. This can often be the key to unlocking the door to your happiness - finding a way to change yourself instead of changing what surrounds you. For all those situations that seem to be out of your control, you have to realize that you are always in control of yourself. So much stress comes from frustration. Don't keep running up against that rock that represents your problems. Try to act like the water that simply flows around the rock as it continues its journey downstream. Your inward voyage of change can have dramatic results on how you see what's around you! Enjoy your new outlook!

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