Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee

Hello all,

“New Stuff”

First of all a big thank you goes out to Colleen & Danny for sponsoring our outing Saturday night. Also, to Carol of course for putting everything together. The weather Gods treated us well and everyone had a great time. For those of you who were unable to attend you were missed.

We have a couple of new things coming to the office in September so I wanted to give you a preview.

New website and back office intranet- We will be upgrading the website, the biggest thing here is agents will be able to get customized personal websites with a full IDX solution for $20 a month. Currently everyone gets a free micro site from RE/MAX but it really does not do much. The new site will give you more options and the IDX solution, it is similar to Homes Database capabilities through MRIS. The $20 per month is a pass through cost which can be added to your bill. The back office intranet (no cost to agents) will allow agents to log in to your statement to check on upcoming settlements, print commission reports, we will have a storage solution where we can put all of the important documents you need, schedule events, reserve conference rooms… It will take us a little time to learn how to stear the ship so we will be doing a full unveiling at the September sales meeting.

Small Buffini Group- Lisa and Sharleen will be starting a small Buffini group, the group will meet once a month for about an hour. This is a great energy builder and accountability session for all that attend. However to attend you must be in the Buffini system getting your blue box every month J

Enjoy the coffee,


Morning Coffee


"A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle."
- Unknown

Ever notice how those around you sometimes keep their best ideas to themselves? Perhaps it's you who calls for information from a supplier about a hot new prospecting idea . . . and asks that the information be mailed to your home so others in the office won't see it. Even if the shoe fits, you're not alone and won't be condemned for not sharing.
On the other hand, have you noticed how those who are most successful rarely mind sharing and teaching others their best moves? It's like lighting a candle. Those who are comfortable with their own success rarely feel threatened if they light someone else's candle. They know they will lose none of their own shining light by igniting the candle of opportunity for someone else.
How is candle-lighting best accomplished? First, it takes an understanding of your own strengths. Perhaps you're blessed with a beautiful smile and a never-ending supply of good attitude. If so, the candle you light for others may be words of hope and encouragement. Maybe time management and efficiency in your work ethic are your forte. If so, be a teacher and mentor to those who are not so focused.
The list of possibilities is long, but you probably get the point. Give your strength to others with no thought of reward. Do it every day. The simple candle you carry, when shared, may turn another's life into a multi-colored roman candle of health, happiness . . . and success.

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