Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee

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What if I told you that if you spent $4,000 a year plus 2 hours a week on something, in 2-3 years you could have an ROI (return on investment) of $40,000-$60,000 a year or even higher? I imagine most of you would write the check pretty quickly. Most top agents work their sphere of influence but also have an area or geographical farm that they work through marketing and community involvement. For this example I picked Fountain Hills in Germantown. When you pull the tax record, then remove the absentee owners there are 624 properties in the geographical farm. So if I wanted to farm there this is what I would do:

Step 1- I would contact a mailing company like Marketing Matters to set up a regular mailing. In this case you could send a nice 5.5 X 8.5 2 sided color post card with your pretty face plus a slick marketing piece on it every 2 months. The cost would be about $400 per mailing or $2,400 for the year.

Step 2- Pick 2 community events that you would sponsor a year in the community, yard sale or family pool party are good ideas. The cost would be around $800 each which gets us to the total of $4,000.

Step 3- Create a Facebook page for the community. “Fountain Hills Community page” would be nice. You would then start following what is going on in the community and post it on the page. You would also need to have creative ideas on how to get people to sign up for the page. This is the 2 hours a week part.

Individually these steps might not get you there but collectively and through repetition you should be landing 4-6 listings a year, in 2-3 years. That’s the $40,000-$60,000 a year part. Next Monday I am going to talk about ”market share” which takes this to another level. For today I would like to conclude with I understand this is a leap of faith. But the only things stopping you from doing this in your community is fear and lack of confidence. Two things you must to overcome if you want to be in sales.

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INSPIRATION FOR TODAY:"Strength of numbers is the delight of the timid.
The Valiant in spirit glory in fighting alone."
- Ghandi


It has been said that "a camel is a horse created by a committee." You've probably witnessed the process yourself. You put any twelve decision-makers in a room together, and they can't seem to make a decision at all. Worse yet, they create something that is comfortable to all members - a camel of their own making.

Ghandi says numbers are the "delight of the timid." At some time or another, we all want the comfort of being surrounded by others with interests common to us. Maybe it's on sales meeting day when the discussion turns into a gripe session. Maybe it's in the break room, around the proverbial "water cooler," or in a training class we've just taken. Wherever the group meets, the results are often the same - a lack of action backed up by all the reasons that justify the inaction.

Ghandi also says the glory is "in fighting alone." Look around. Do you see one or two individuals who spend little of their time with the group? Sometimes called "loners," these are usually also the over-achievers, the top producers in life and business. They know where they're going and they don't need your approval to do it. The committee says they aren't "team players."

Being human, it is certainly normal to seek the comfort of others. In the case of those few individuals described as "the Valiant in spirit," however, their strength comes from their accomplishments. In each of us, there is also that "Valiant" spirit - the part of us that wants to strike out on our own. You can do that by resigning from the committees of your life. Elect yourself President and Chairman of the Board of your own future - and make it unanimous!

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