Monday, September 21, 2015

Two Brokers

Hello all,

"Two Brokers"

Mark and I wanted to let everyone know we are in the process of making some changes at the Broker level. Paperwork has been submitted for Mark to become the Maryland Broker for the company, I will remain as the Broker in Virginia and DC. There will be very few changes internally with the company, Mark will be dealing with the DLLR and the Maryland Real Estate Commission more and that will cover most of it. As everyone knows Mark and I have always worked hand in hand running the company, that will not change. Since we are a Maryland based company Mark will be the official Broker of record for the company. This is something Mark very much deserves and the company could not be in better hands. I take great comfort knowing my friend will have our backs. Overall you should view Mark & Al as your go to's for contracts, scenarios, outside agent issues... and I will continue to oversee operations, accounting and some training. We are all always available for all of you for any reason. If you have any questions please feel free to get with Mark or I, we will also be having a question and answer session on this at the next sales meeting. We hope you will be okay having two Brokers when needed :)

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 Monday Morning Coffee

"Competition will always place your life in the hands of others, while initiative gives you the freedom to choose your own destiny."
~ Willard & Marguerite Beecher
From childhood we learn to win by competing. If one marble player wins, the other loses. If our football team wins, the opposition loses. If we earn top honors for the greatest sales volume or number of transactions, our fellow associates don't. We are taught to be competitive - and we learn the lesson well.
In being competitive, however, we must always measure our success in relation to others. First we choose the leader whom we must surpass. Our objective is to exceed the performance of that individual - the current Number One. Then, when we become the leader, we live in constant fear of having our performance exceeded by those striving from below to surpass us.
By always competing, then, we are not free to focus on doing our very best. Everything we do is related to what others have done or may do. A refreshing alternative is to put initiative to work. You freely choose your own destiny, then work to achieve it - totally oblivious to what others around you are doing.
Initiative begins with a delightful vision of yourself achieving what you think is important. Followed up with action, you achieve not only your objectives, but also the thrill and satisfaction of knowing you are in charge!

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