Monday, August 19, 2013

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I enjoy seeing agents using our back end office system to communicate their wants and needs to other agents in the office. I consider it a "" tool for our agents. Great way to let the agents know you need open houses covered or if you are looking to pick one up. If you have a buyer who is struggling to find something in a price range or location this is where you would reach out to the office for help. If you need to find a handyman for something this is where you would go to ask. I would like to keep listing announcements and/or price reductions off of the system, there are just too many. If you have a question on whether or not you can post something please email and I would be glad to look at it. If you are unfamiliar with the system here is the login page and Ella Ladas offers trainings on it.  

As always when you use a system like ours or "" there are suggestive rules you should know about... here are a few I came up with if you are trying to find a match on our system:

  • Tradition Still Applies Men, women Realtors still expect you to make the first move and ask a lady out, and although 41% of women Realtors would offer to pick up the check on a first date, a majority of male Realtors (37%) still feel they should foot the bill.
  • Bailout Plan – Both male and female Realtors agree that 15 minutes into the date is long enough to tell if there is chemistry (31%). However, if the date isn’t going as planned, only 12% of Realtors would actually call it a night and leave within the first 30 minutes of the date.
  • Thanks, but No Thanks – If your date isn’t getting the hint that you aren’t a match made in heaven, most Realtors feel that honesty is the best policy.  52% of those surveyed agree you should politely explain you aren’t interested, followed by 24% of Realtors who recommend being evasive about your future availability. However, younger Realtors are most likely to ignore your calls and send you straight to voicemail.
  • Making the Call – 48% of female Realtors prefer male Realtors to make the follow-up call after the first date. A majority of male Realtors (68%) will pick up the phone between one to three days after the date, while 6% of male Realtors can’t resist following up within the first 24 hours.
  • There’s No Place Like Phone - Although 64% of Realtors are open to having post-date conversations via text and email, more than 80% of Realtors still prefer conversations on the phone.
  • To Friend or Not to Friend? – Younger Realtors (ages 21-34) think it’s OK to add a date as a Facebook friend after 2-3 dates (26%), while 11% of Realtors between the ages of 35-44 wait to friend a date on Facebook until it becomes an exclusive relationship.
  • Meet the Guys – Yes, it is OK to introduce your new romantic interest to the ones who know you best.  Male Realtors are more likely to introduce someone they're interested in to their friends within the first month of dating than female Realtors are, regardless of their age group (nearly 50% of male Realtors vs. 35% of female Realtors).
Need to have a little fun every once and a while...

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Monday Morning Coffee
"The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time." 
~ Abraham Lincoln 
Weddings. Graduations. Birthdays. Holidays. An endless list of important occasions. We all have major events in our lives and others’ lives in which we participate. We and people close to us have sometimes exerted tremendous effort organizing celebrations with the intention that everyone involved will enjoy themselves. 
In other words, we actually make plans to be happy and to have a good time. We even map out entire blocks of days in which to have fun in the form of vacations. We develop hobbies in order to ensure that we can devote some hours of our week doing something we know we'll enjoy. 
While looking back over some of the happiest, funniest, most fulfilling or most moving experiences in your life, however, how many of them were in fact not planned at all, but completely spontaneous? 
If you stop and think about it, you'll probably find that your life is full of these moments, these small events during the course of an otherwise average day that you will retain in your memory as meaningful and recall with pleasure. 
It may be as simple as a gathering around the proverbial water cooler that evolves into a joke fest that you later remember as the time you laughed harder than ever before. Or it could be as complex as a first meeting with a person who eventually becomes extremely prominent in your life. 
Every single day is full of opportunities to become a day that you'll remember, a day with moments that add up to a lifetime of memories. The trick, of course, is to make yourself aware of that NOW, and to enjoy these moments while they are happening. 
The chances are excellent that today... or tomorrow... or this week... will bring you many of these moments. Be open to them. Plan to enjoy this day, and have a great holiday! 

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