Monday, February 13, 2012

Good Story

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"Good Story"

We heard this story at the Germantown sales meeting this week and it is such a good story to the state of the market I wanted to pass it along to everyone. Al & Mary Cardany got a listing in Potomac not to far from the office, brick rambler in the low 600's. Being good agents they did all of the proper marketing but also took an extra step for the first open house. They took the time to print invitations for 60 of the neighbors to a private showing between 12-1, hand wrote the addresses and sent them out. So the property hit the market Friday morning at 10, they had 5 showings by the end of the day. Saturday more showings with a couple of second showings. On Sunday between the neighbors private showing and the open house they had over 120 people come through. On Monday they received 3 offers and ratified that evening. As a result of their efforts and where the market is they also got 2 listing appointments and one future buyer from the transaction. They say every sign in the ground should replace itself with another sign in the ground through proper marketing. It looks like those days are coming back.

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Monday Morning Coffee
"There's nothing as constant as change."
- Unknown

Feel on edge?  Not sure what to expect next? Nerves frayed?  Feeling overwhelmed by today's complex world situation?  How is it that some people are calm, fearless, and content, while others are frightful, worried, overwhelmed, and uncertain about the future? 
In the 1950's there were only three models of Chevrolet, about four dry cereals, two or three types of soap, etc.  Mom went grocery shopping weekly. There were no shopping malls, computers, cell phones, portable CD players (or CD's), 401(k)s, Internet, or co-ed dorms.  Life was simple and calm - and revolved around the family.  Technology didn't dominate daily life. 
Today, our choices have expanded exponentially.  There are hundreds of vehicle models, 50 different cereals on the shelf, software for every occasion, hundreds of cable channels, and millions of pages on the World Wide Web.  Think that might clog your thinking just a little?  Want to get back to simplicity, peace, and security?
Try a few of the following suggestions. Begin limiting your choices.  Spend less than you earn. Limit trips to the store. Spend the evening at home - with your family - with the television OFF.  Go directly home after work. Identify your principles - and live them. Count your blessings daily by entering them in a journal. Read. Treat yourself to a hot bath.
Think of your life as an extension cord with too many appliances plugged-in.  Each vies for the limited energy you have available until a short-circuit or fire occurs.  Start unplugging all those peripherals now, and you'll notice your life-light begin to shine.

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