Monday, February 20, 2012

Golf Tournament

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"Golf Tournament"

As many of you know Childrens Miracle Network is the main charitable organization that RE/MAX supports. Offices are asked to participate in a variety of ways if they can, since 1992 the Company as a whole has raised over 100 Million Dollars for the cause. We do one big event a year that I ask everyone to participate in one way or another. It is our annual golf tournament which will be held this year on June 4th at Montgomery Country Club. For all of you that just gasped "Oh no but I don't golf" have no worries there are several different ways to participate. You can golf, get a foursome together or just join us for dinner after. This year we are also adding a party bus day for all of the non golfers who need a day to relax and blow off some Realtor steam. To make all of this happen smoothly while raising as much money as we can we need to form the committee for this year. We will meet 3-4 times before the tournament to discuss details, golfers, sponsors, raffle prizes... The first meeting will be March 11th at 11:00 in Germantown. Need as much participation in the tournament as possible but only looking for about four people from each office to be on the committee. Email me directly if you would like to participate on the committee and please save the June 4th date for a nice day away from the office with your colleagues. 

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Monday Morning Coffee
"You will be what you will to be."
- James Allen

You say to yourself, "I think I'll go shopping," - and you do.  You say, "I think I'll buy that new CD," - and you do.  You say, "I think I'll put it on my credit card," - and you do.
James Allen lived from 1864 until 1912.  As was popular in the early 1900's, he wrote a series of short essays known as pamphlets.  The best known, "As A Man
Thinketh," was his most famous work.  In it, he provided timeless inspiration on the value of thought as it motivates us to action.
In his pamphlet, Allen states that, "All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts."  Speaking of mankind, he continues with, "They themselves are makers of themselves."  Thought precedes all action; thus, he reasons that by controlling our thoughts, we also control our destiny.
Notice in the first paragraph above that the "I think" part always seems to lead to the action of "doing."  Rarely do we hop in the car, drive aimlessly around, accidentally arrive at a music store, plunk down our credit card, and then say to yourself, "I think I'll go shopping."
If we are the sole controller of our thoughts, it stands to reason that we can also control our actions - and our outcomes in life.    Our mind and our thoughts are the seedbed of our futures.  What a novel thought.  Plant some great thoughts in your mind.  Do it today!

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