Monday, January 30, 2012


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“Inventory Levels”

A couple times a year I take a  look absorption rates  so we can talk about them at the sales meeting. In preparing the one thing that stood out is how low the inventory levels are compared to this time last year. In the outer areas they are down 10%-15% but from Gaithersburg in it is more in the 25%-35% range. This time last year there were 332 active properties in Gaithersburg as of today there are 242. As we head into the spring market we should keep these numbers in mind when we are doing a market analysis. Without competition we might want to test the higher range of our pricing suggestions with our sellers, never overprice but higher range. When there is nothing else on the market in a desirable area we are starting to see multiple offers all too often again. I have heard several stories from agents who’s clients have lost out on more than one occasion. On the national level we are hearing about shadow inventory and the flood of foreclosures due to hit the market. This will have a minimal effect on our area especially closer in. So after my small rant the point I am getting to is in some areas we are back in a “sellers” market, the media just does not know it yet.

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Monday Morning Coffee
"Fear knocked at the door, faith answered. No one was there."
- Unattributed

Ever received one of those emails that contains a touching message, then suggests that if you forward it to ten more people you'll receive a "special blessing" or "ten million dollars in three days"?  It usually also warns that the last person who didn't forward it met some terrible fate at the hands of unknown evil-doers.  Remember how that last part - the veiled threat - made you feel?  You didn't think something awful would really happen, but you resented being put in the position of wondering.
We've been told many times that our worst fears are of the "unknown."  An unidentified fear sends our imagination into high gear, conjuring up vivid mental pictures of dastardly plots against us.  We ruminate endlessly over the possibilities.  Such fear is disruptive to our well-being, and leaves us tired and wrung-out.
So, how do you handle fear?  One method is to identify the fear, so that once you do, it is no longer "unknown." That also means it is measurable, and can be logically quantified.  Once you know what it is, your imagination can no longer dream up worse things that it is not.  Once identified, it is possible to determine possible outcomes.
Most fears will never come to fruition.  Those that do are divided into two categories: those we can control, and those we can't.  If we have control, we also have the ability to survive our fears, and change their outcomes.  Most fall into that category.
One mother's lifelong advice to her daughter who worried too much was to replace the worry thought with another more pleasant thought.  The opposite of fear is hope, which also gives us courage.  The next time you experience fear of the unknown, try replacement therapy.  Think positive, hopeful thoughts when fear knocks at the door.  Then, when you open the door - no one is there!

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