Monday, March 16, 2015


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Lisa had a listing appointment last week and when she walked in the owner thanked her for being on time. The owner went on to say that he had an appointment earlier and the agent was an hour late because he got lost. The funny thing the owner said was when he spoke to him on the phone the agent positioned himself as an expert in the area. 

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Monday Morning Coffee

"The path you're on looks different when you turn around." 
- Cynthia Copeland Lewis 
Life has been described as a path, a direction in which we travel over time - rather than a single event. Each of us gets to choose the direction our path will take us. By making those choices, we also clear the way to achieving the objectives we've set for ourselves. 
When we fail to choose the path we will travel, that is also a choice. In that case, the path we travel becomes less distinct with more twists and turns than we would have liked. Each side path we encounter tempts us to change direction. Lacking any roadmap of objectives we might have chosen, we often end up somewhere - else. 
Regardless of the quality of our choices, we can get a clear understanding of where we are likely to end up - just by turning around. By simply looking back at the path we have been following, much can be learned. For example, is the path behind us straight, or filled with curves and detours taken? Is it paved with solid, masterfully laid stepping stones, or filled with muddy ruts that zig-zag around every obstacle? 
Chances are that, as teenagers, most of our paths seemed to have had many twists and turns. As we matured and learned from our mistakes, however, it is also likely that we began improving the direction and quality of the path we travelled. The more attention we paid to the path, the more enjoyable the journey became. 
Want life to be a most pleasant journey? Build your own roadmap - then start paving! 

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