Monday, June 10, 2013

Lender Issues

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"Lender Issues" 

I have been hearing many of you talk about Lender issues the last couple of weeks. Wanted to let you know that if you are dealing with outside lender issues you are not alone. This is an area we will really need to stay on top of for our clients, especially as listing agents. We need to do our due diligence when contracts come in, monitor the progress throughout and be ready for hiccups as closing day approaches. To be honest the no name Broker or big Banks do not care about us or our clients. We have been in a  refinance market and now we are heading into prime closing season for purchases, it appears there is a bottleneck at many of the banks. We are also in a rising interest rate environment which puts additional pressure on the Brokers and Banks to close their pipelines before lock periods expire. Buckle down, stay on top of things and be ready for anything. We are very fortunate to have to local Lenders that take care of us affiliated with our offices.

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Monday Morning Coffee
"If you keep on saying things are going to be bad, you have a good chance of being a prophet."  
~ Isaac Bashevis Singer 
If you’re familiar with many “motivational” speakers and writers, you’ve probably heard or read a hundred times that you must make a “declaration.” It seems that without uttering your deepest desires, they will not come to fruition. Want a better job? Then you must declare that it will be so. Want a fitter body? First you must affirm you will have one. 
But be aware of the definition of motivation, “the reason one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.” Just stating that something will happen is not enough – you must “act” or “behave” in a very specific fashion to make that dream come true. 
Declarations comfort us, enthuse us, and even energize us, but only for a short period of time. After the initial emotional rush of acknowledging our desire to pursue something, our energy wanes, other issues become more pressing, and we lose sight of our goals. Unfortunately, when the outcome we visualized doesn’t happen, we feel disappointed and our self-esteem takes one on the chin. 
The vicious circle completes itself when we make our next declaration, recalling previous shortfalls, and losing our enthusiasm even more quickly. We say, “Ah, these affirmations don’t work. Just saying it doesn’t make it true.” EUREKA! 
Now you realize that success doesn’t come from motivational “tricks,” but from a profound effort to produce the desired outcome. Of course you must acknowledge (if only to yourself) what you want in this world, or you’ll just drift aimlessly. But be sure to follow through with a solid plan that anticipates plenty of detours. 
Want a better job? Declare it will be so, and then start taking courses in that field, find a mentor, polish your resume, and apply for the positions for which you have qualified yourself. Want a fitter body? First affirm that you will have one, and then sign up for a fitness club membership, actually go to the club regularly, stock your shelves with healthy food, and eat less of it. 
So, become a prophet of positivity! Go ahead, predict your future success! But make sure your prophecy is self-fulfilled

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