Monday, August 13, 2012

"There, I said it"

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"There, I said it"

Donna Pfeiffer on Lisa's team recently had a listing go on the market in Germantown. It was gorgeous, priced right and received 6 offers in the first 2 days. There were 2 offers that were very similar and the winner was chosen on Friday evening. Saturday morning while driving in the car Lisa received a phone call directly from the client of the contract that did not win. She was very disappointed and was trying to see if there was anyway the seller would reconsider. After the call I asked Lisa what had happened, she told me about the two offers and said the deciding factor was the call to the loan officer. The loan officer for the losing contract told Lisa that he had pulled credit but had not verified any of the information, income, assets... The loan officer for the winning contract had a full approval with all of the verification. My comment back to Lisa was "Shame on the agent for putting their client in that position in this competitive market". My first thought after I said it was that I could not believe how easily the words "competitive market" flowed out of my mouth with what we have been through. The second thought was I should probably say something to the agents in the offices. Folks, the bottom line is there is a serious lack of inventory and we are drifting back into a sellers market. If the house is in the right location, priced right and looks great there will be multiple offers. We need to start prepping and preparing our buyers for this. Any listing agent worth their salt is not going to accept a contract in a multiple offer situation without speaking to the loan officer first. It is imperative that you have your buyers go through the FULL mortgage application process before they are writing offers, if not they will be behind the 8 ball. This should be covered in the initial buyer consolation and we have loan officers in the offices at your ready to help you with this :)

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Monday Morning Coffee

"If you take too long in deciding what to do with your life, you'll find you've done it."
-George Bernard Shaw

"Before enlightenment - chopping wood, carrying water. After enlightenment - chopping wood, carrying water." 
- Buddha


Oh - the frustration of it all. The first quote for today deals with the importance of having direction - goals - in your life. You know - we've all heard it for years - our life will be happier, more prosperous, more meaningful if we have a plan, know where we're going, and work systematically at getting there.

If you've tried to do that, you've undoubtedly met with a great deal of frustration along the way. It's like the expression "Life is what happens to you while you're planning other things." No matter how hard you work at your plan, there are those constant interruptions that get in the way, and make it seem so difficult. You are not alone.

As important as the first quote is, think about the second one. A modern paraphrase might go like this: "Before setting and achieving your goals, and having control over your life, your days are filled with trivia, interruptions, hassles, disappointments, family responsibilities, etc. After working your plan and achieving all your dreams and goals - your life is filled with trivia, interruptions, hassles, disappointments, family responsibilities, etc."

Taking control of your life can result in great personal satisfaction, provided you understand it does not bring you to perfection. Intertwined in our desire to achieve peace, success, and enlightenment, there is still plenty of wood to chop and water to carry. The day-to-day responsibilities of life do not disappear. We simply gain the strength to bear them more readily - and with a smile.

So - carry on with your plans and your dreams. They are vital to a great life. Yet remember the words of Jules Renard, who said, "There are moments when everything goes well; don't be frightened, it won't last."

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