Monday, April 23, 2012

Got A Good Feeling

Hello all,

"Got A Good Feeling"

I am not sure about the rest of you but I have a really good feeling about The Montgomery County Maryland Real Estate market. We gained some momentum last spring kept it up through the summer, fall and winter. Now that we are squarely in the spring market this thing really feels like it has some legs, the beginning of a solid run with year over year gains.  I can't speak to the Potomac office because of the lack of data from last year. However for the Germantown office we finished 2011 with total volume of just shy of 100M, this year we are tracking 130M, an obvious increase of 30%. Mark, Teri and I keep a close eye on the competition and their numbers. The interesting thing about the numbers and contrary to a Washington Post article in the Saturday Real Estate section is the disparity between the haves and the have not's. There is an office belonging to this company that is exactly 1 mile from our Potomac office. This office has 83 MRIS ID's but only 28 of them have sold ONE thing in the last year, that means 67% of their workforce blanked the last 12 months. In our Potomac office we have 44 MRIS ID's and at least 37 of the agents have sold something in the last year, only 16%. The old rule was 80/20, 20% of the agents did 80% of the business. I believe that number has gone to 90/10 with the 10% doing 90% of the business. Thanks to each of you for being in the 10%

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  Monday Morning Coffee


"Opportunities are seldom labeled."
- John A. Shedd

From "Wellsprings of Wisdom" by Ralph Woods comes this story:
A successful businessman was invited to address a group of young executives on the subject of opportunities. He began his talk by tacking to the wall a big sheet of white paper and placing a black dot in the middle of the sheet. "What do you see?" he asked, pointing to the paper on the wall. "A black spot," called out everyone in the audience. "Yes, I see a black dot too," replied the speaker, "but none of you saw the much greater expanse of white. This is the point of my talk on opportunities."
While it is so easy to focus on the "black dots" - the immediate tasks that face us each day - how often do you grasp the opportunities that no one else notices in the white space? Don't answer that you haven't the time to notice the white space. Do you ever find yourself daydreaming? When you do, you're visiting that white space. The question is: Do you recognize your ability to bring those daydreams to fruition?
Look around you. Do you find yourself envying what others accomplish? Perhaps you can learn from their example. All they have done is to act on their dreams - to recognize the value of their white space and put it into motion.
So - what's missing in your life? Why not try filling in the blanks - the white spaces - with the achievement of your dreams? Maybe a legal pad and pencil can help. Try making a list of every dream you've ever had. Write them all down, all of them. When you finish, place an asterisk next to the five you would most like to accomplish or experience.
Finally, make those five items the "black dots" upon which you will focus until completed. Once identified, it becomes much easier to concentrate your attention on them. Opportunity knocks!

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